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The “RED LIPS” art project.

This is a community project I decided to form in order to raise awareness and support women who are fighting breast cancer.

HOW can we do this?

It’s simple. Please make your lips RED! You can use lipstick, photo apps, photoshop, or paper lips…anything you want!
You can also wear clothes and accessories with lip motifs on them.
The idea is to take pictures of your red lips and post them on this page!
Background Information and inspiration for this project:
I am a Japanese photographer and a breast cancer survivor. I have held photography exhibitions in Tokyo with a “Breast Cancer” theme and while I was happy to receive so many visitors at my exhibitions, I fear that people will soon forget my message.
I think it’s important to continue raising awareness of breast cancer and to remind women to get regular health check ups.
I was inspired by “Movember,” where men grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of testicular cancer.
I think that projects like Pink Ribbon day are great. This is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, and while this is extremely important, I wanted people to think about women’s health from a different angle.
I want to raise awareness in our global community, because awareness is the first step in making sure we look after ourselves and prevent fatalities from breast cancer.
We don’t require any donations or money. All we ask is that you share your RED LIPS picture all over the world so that we can all think more about women’s health. #redlipsartproject

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By Saori Baba

このアートプロジェクトは、‘Red Lips’写真を使って、がんと闘う女性へのサポートと女性の健康への意識みんなで高めていこうという取り組みです。
参加はとっても簡単!Red Lips写真、実際に口紅を塗るだけじゃなく、写真を加工したり、街でみかけた唇モチーフのもの、キスマーク唇に関する写真ならなんでもOK!ぜひあなたのオリジナルのRED LIPS 写真をこちらに投稿してください!!

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