Online photo exhibition

存在 _ Existence

九州産業大学芸術学部写真・映像メディア学科3年に在籍する学生約15名によるオンライン写真展 ”存在” を8月1日から15日まで開催しています。



→→ ソニーストア福岡天神
〒810-0021 福岡市中央区今泉1-19-22

Kyushu Sangyo University’s Faculty of Arts Department of Photography and Video Media will hold the online photo exhibition, “Presence”. It will be held from August 1st to August 15th by about 15 students enrolled in the 3rd year.

Please take a look.

* Also, from December 23rd (Wednesday) to 29th (Tuesday), 2020, the exhibition will be held at the  Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin. More details will be released soon.

→→Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin

1-19-22 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0021, Japan



コロナ禍で "クアランティン"(隔離)という聞きなれない英語をよく耳にするようになりました。日本では緊急事態宣言下での自粛生活。



[About this photo exhibition]
 I often hear the strange English “Quarantine” in Corona. In Japan, people are forced to refrain from living under the state of emergency and still adopt a new lifestyle. This is an online exhibition of photographs taken with a smartphone on the subject of what students in the photography department saw and thought about in such an environment.

We took these pictures with a smart phone after a state of emergency had been declared in Japan, and also after it had been lifted…

This is what we watched and felt, under this disaster.



馬場さおり_Saori Baba

朝井 舜 Akira Asai

木下 史雄 Fumio Kinoshita

小島 神 Jin Kojima

小林 勇太 Yuta Kobayashi

坂本 竜太郎 Ryutaro Sakamoto

芝 あいな Aina Shiba

藤 史帆里

永田 海将

西山 美沙妃

東 綾香

東 佳奈美

福地 鈴奈

福山 吏美